Health & Safety Policy
Health & Safety Policy

Dave Petro Forestry Services



I,  Ross Petro, as owner and director of David Petro Forestry Services recognise my duty to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

We are fully committed to meeting our responsibilities in a comprehensive, yet common sense manner.

It is our policy that all possible preventative measures will be taken in order to avoid accident and injury, by ensuring safe conditions, working practices and procedures on all sites.

To ensure that all employees and contractors are made aware of this policy and it's implications.

To ensure all employees and contractors are competent to meet these responsibilities through the provision of adequate training and instruction.



The final responsibility for the implementation of this policy rests with Ross Petro, as director.



Those working for the company will be informed that it is their duty to observe their responsibilities under the 1974 HSAW Act and to assist in the implementation of this policy.

All equipment will be suitable, well maintained and will comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

All work will be carried out in accordance with the Codes of Practice issued by the Forestry Safety Council and the Forestry Commission Guidelines.

All work sites will be maintained in a safe condition in order to minimise risks.

All employees and contractors will have received the appropriate training and will hold relevant certificates of competence.

A fully stocked first aid kit will be held on all work sites.


Accidents at work:

If an accident should occur, the first priority must be to safely protect all personnel on the site.

The emergency authorities should then be contacted.

If there is a possibility of environmental pollution, the relevant emergency authorities should then be alerted.


Reporting of accidents:

All employees/contractors must provide details of any accident, however trivial. This is a requirement under RIDDOR ( Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1985. ) The Health & Safety Executive will be informed if necessary.


Unsafe Practices and Breaches of Safety Requirements:

The Company will make all employees and contractors aware that they should take all necessary safety precautions and that they should refuse to carry out any work if they consider it unsafe to do so.

If an employee/contractor is involved in a minor breach of the standards required, they will be advised on how best to comply. A written warning will be issued if the breach is viewed as persistent.

If the breach is considered to be serious enough as to injure the person himself or others, those responsible will be suspended and warned in writing that employment will be terminated immediately unless an improvement is implemented  at once.

If the required standards are not then achieved, even after two written warnings, the Company may have to terminate the employment.


Policy Review:

This policy will be reviewed bi-annually unless new legislation necessitates an earlier response. Update 5 28.08.10